Bring it Home® Las Vegas

1. The Vegas Shock Factor will disappear

Things that might have previously shocked you will soon become very normal and not even noticeable to you. It’ll take an out of towner pointing out the strange goings on for you to take a second glance.

2. Residents hardly ever visit the strip

Unless that one friend comes into town who must see what the Strip is all about, residents hardly ever visit.

3. You’ll love the 24-hour aspect of it

Sure, on the Strip everything is open 24-hours, but so is everything off the Strip, too! You’ll love that you can grab your favorite burger at 4am, just because.

4. Seasons are extreme

Vegas is in a desert so the weather can take some getting used to. Summers are hot – like, hot, hot. Winters are cold, but many days you can still sit poolside.